Since 2012, the official @BrunchCork Twitter account has been helping locals and visitors find the right place to eat in Cork city. That account was joined in 2018 by a @BrunchCork Instagram account. We use the #BrunchCork hashtag, but sometimes the #BrunchInCork one too.

Content can be enjoyed by all ages. This blog has a rating of PG (G mostly, but some brunch posts include the mention of alcoholic beverages).

We are open to collaborations and sponsored posts. Email us to learn how we can work together.


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  1. Hi there,

    I’m a Canadian (also a knitter) who has been living in Dublin for the past month and a half and I want to move to Cork! Any tips about flats or good / bad areas would be greatly appreciated! Glad I came accross your blog! Sharlène :0)


  2. Hi! I was doing some research online and came across your website. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you. I’m a casting assistant in New York for a popular show about people relocating outside North America. It’s called House Hunters International and airs on the Home & Garden cable network (HGTV). We are casting people for this show right now and I was wondering if you or anyone you know would be interested in participating.

    Our show consists of a family or couple who has relocated in the past few years and the property they have purchased. The purpose of the show is to demystify the process of moving and living abroad. You can learn more about our show and watch episodes here: http://www.hgtv.com/house-hunters-international/show/index.html.

    Putting together an episode with you would be a real treat for our audience and it’s a lot of fun for you too. Contributors to the show get a nice keepsake shot in HD video and also receive compensation for your time and efforts.

    If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please contact me at househunterscasting@leopardfilms.com. Thank you in advance for your prompt feedback on this. Have a wonderful day!


  3. WOW! I watch House Hunters International religiously! It’s a great show. I loved the one from Paris! thanks. Julie


  4. Hi Evin,

    Just thought you might be interested in what we are doing at An Cruibin down at Union Quay. We started this just before Christmas and after a break in January are now getting back into the swing of it.

    Best Regards


  5. Hi Evin,
    Just came across your blog! Love it! I am an American who has been living in Ireland for the past 12 years…I see that you are into food…if you are ever in Kinsale and want to go a little further to the beach, you will pass through a little town called Ballinspittle..i have a cafe and bakery there called Diva Boutique Bakery and cafe…our style is very North American.. Maybe we will see you someday…in the meantime..Happy Blogging!


  6. @Shannen North American style baking – I’m intrigued! I shall definitely be paying a visit to your bakery!

    Great blog, Evin. Looking forward to reading more posts on Cork and food 🙂


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